Out of State Team Rostering under USYSA
out of state teams must follow procedures outlined when using USYSA state passes
 Out of State teams need to have player passes with an USYSA or US CLUB affiliation. With our league, teams domiciled outside of NJ may choose to affiliate with their in-state USYSA (i.e., CT-CYSA, E.PA-EPYSA, E.NY-ENYYSA, DE-DYSA) or US CLUB (national passes) or both.
If your out of state team wishes to use USYSA passes, then your team MUST purchase an out of state roster from NJYS to play in our league (as required under USYSA rules regarding out of state travel etc). This includes teams who wish to use our CJYSA league as a qualifying league for their National Cup Series State Cup. 
As such, you are also subject to NJYS rostering rules and must abide by those rostering rules in order to receive a validated NJYS out of state roster.
a. U11-U16 teams play 11 v. 11, and roster a maximum of 18 active players; with 21 total roster spots available for the  seasonal year. Your state roster must match identical to the NJYS roster - meaning your state cup roster must match your out of state roster (NJYS does not recognize two rosters-your league roster is your state cup roster).
b. U17, U18 & U19 teams play 11 v. 11 and may roster a maximum of 22 active players; may only bring 18 dressed players for a match.
Do NOT purchase a NJYS pass packet for $145. You will purchase an out of state roster from NJYS. This roster must be completed, and validated by NJYS - PRIOR to the start of our league season or your first league game. Failure to do so will result in your team being disqualified for your state cup and all CJYSA games will be declared forfeit wins for your opponents.
NJYS Non-NJ roster compliance process for non-NJ teams wishing to use USYSA passes for NJ league play and/or State Cup qualifying.
What NJYS needs from an out of state team to process and validate an out of state roster:
a.                A completed NJYS out of state club registration form to issue a NEW Got Soccer club account affiliated with NJYS; link here
b.                Valid USYSA state roster from your own state
c.                 Completed permission to play in out of state form
d.                $100 check payable to NJYS
While a team is finalizing their own home state USYSA roster, they should complete the NJYS out of state club registration form and send that in with the $100 check to NJYS office.
569 Abbington Dr, Suite 5
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Remember to have your state association complete the permission to play in an out of state league form and give to you when they give you your validated roster.
Upon receipt of the NJYS out of state club registration form, NJYS will contact the team/club contact with the new user ID & pin for the NEW Got Soccer club account. Please note this is a second Got Soccer Club account-especially if your state association is using Got Soccer for your own state rostering. This is often the most confusing part of the process. You do NOT use the existing account; you MUST use the new account that NJYS establishes under the NJYS access.
Once your team roster with your state association is completed, and you have all your player pass numbers, you can now send the validated state roster and permission to play in the out of state league form to NJYS. Since you have already sent in your $100 check, you can scan these documents and send them by email to Lindsey at NJYS – office@njyouthsoccer.com .

Club account must affiliate with our Central Jersey Youth Soccer under the club account (from the home tab, click on Events in the blue bar; then click on Search Events in the gray bar; fill in the event as follows: Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2011/2012 and click go. When the event appears, click on it, and apply now; apply without a team, and it is done)
Next, either attach the team playing in our league to the club account (assuming they already have a team account), using the import function under Got Soccer, or create a new team account if one does not already exist.
From the team account, apply to the league following the search events and event name instructions above. When prompted, the team is a returning account to the Got Soccer and should log in using the team account information. This brings forward all the team information. Just keep clicking the continue button until submit button appears.
CJYSA will see the team on the league side and will approve the club and team. In addition, the league will freeze the roster (this is why you want all of your players & coaches listed with their pass numbers). Once frozen, the league will view the roster and send back to the team in a PDF file. This roster is then sent to NJYS for final validation. Send to Lindsey at office@njyouthsoccer.com and she will validate and return to the team by regular mail.
Once you receive the validated roster, send it to:
email: jan@mssl.org (preferred)
fax: 888-520-5663 (preferred)
The league must have your validated roster prior to the state of league games.
While we have the roster under Got Soccer, we do not have the validated roster and why it must be sent to us.
You should be completing the out of state roster if you are using USYSA passes for league play. Even if you are not using our league games for state cup qualifying, NJYS rules have always required out of state teams to have NJ out of state rosters.
Any questions about the Got Soccer process should be directed to NJYS @ (609) 490-0725