NJYS Got Soccer Registration-Club Affiliation
Club Affiliation with CJYSA
The Club must also affiliate with the league (or leagues) so the team is shown as affiliated to the club for league approval in NJYS roster process. The club registrar should follow these instructions for affiliating with the league:
  1. Click on link above to short cut to the even and log in under your Club Account. Go to Step 8
  2. OR: Log into the Club account
  3. Click on the “HOME” tab
  4. Click “EVENTS” in the blue bar
  5. Click “SEARCH” or SEARCH EVENTS in Gray bar
  6. Under Upcoming Events:  Find event – use drop down and enter league under event type and type in (for our league) NJYS and click "GO"
  7. there will be 10 Event listed and about the 7th event should read: NJYS-Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2014/2015.  click on this Name
  8. NJYS-Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2014/15
  9. Click “apply now” - the first/top one, LEAGUE APPLICATION FORM-Club Application Form is Open: Apply Now (see picture below). Do NOT use the lower apply that includes the dropdown for the team.
  10. Reads - Join League - click YES
  11. A pop up window confirms you want to apply without a team (can register the team later), click YES
  12. Club is now affiliated with the league
  •   Clubs can also affiliate teams to the league under the Club account by clicking on the team to affiliate (this will work only if the team has not yet affiliated with the league) and continuing with the affiliation until application is submitted.

Once the club has affiliated with the league, the team can move forward with its team registration to NJYS through Got Soccer and the league approval.

League - NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2014-2015





League Application Form
Club Application Form is Open: Apply Now

LeagueTeam Application Form is Open

Top of Form

Bottom of Form





Application Fees




League Director Contact Info

Bodhan Porytko

78 Hancock Dr

Morristown, NJ 07960


Phone: 973-644-0549



Assistant Director

Jan Yager




Phone: 908-277-4116


Line Callout 2: Club registrars: use the CLUB APPLICATION FORM HERE to register for the league event
  Line Callout 2: Club registrars: use the CLUB APPLICATION FORM HERE to register for the league event