Referee Instructions for Logging In and Reporting Scores

Referee Procedure for Accepting games and Reporting the Match Score

Process for assigning, accepting and reporting scores for all MSSL league games - CJYSA, USCL, EDP & KATS:
Assignors log in below under Assignor Login and first assign referees to matches they show under their account.
Referees will receive email notification from the assignor, if the referee is already entered in the system. Assignors may enter a referee (name, phone, email and address), or a referee may go to the link below for NEW REFEREE sign up and register themselves. See notes below.
Once the referee receives an email notifying them of a potential assignment, the referee MUST log in and ACCEPT the assignment within 48 hours! If a referee doesn’t log in and accept, the assignor will then reassign the game to another referee after 48 hours period. The assignor may choose to not wait any longer than 24 hours. Referees and assignors understand the importance of immediate responses.
Once a referee has accepted the assignment, the referee will be able to log back into the system under the GAME REPORT LINK below after the match and report the game scores; any disciplinary issues; and the behavior of fans, coaches and players. 
Referees have 48 hours to log in and report the scores.  Since we will have a record of referees assigned to games, we will follow up with referees to remind them to log in and report the scores.
Referee Assignors Login - registered/returning assignors. If you have not been registered, contact Bob Mykulak for approval at bobm@mssl.org
If you have not registered with our league, and your assignor has instructed you to register on our website, the link to do so has been created. Right now, when you do sign up, the system doesn’t ask you who your assignor is, so you are just categorized to the administrator. When you receive your welcome email, please respond back that your assignor is____________, and if you know their email, that would be helpful as well-just in case we get an assignor who is currently not listed in our records. NEW REFEREE link Referee Sign up 
FOR REFEREES TO ACCEPT GAME ASSIGNMENTS:  Referee Login - returning referees
 Once you are registered in the system, you do NOT need to register again! It can create problems for you later when you try to log in and forget your pin –as the system will have you listed twice and not know which pin to send to you. Plus an assignor might use one account, and you use the other, and you cannot respond.
The only time a referee should have two accounts is if you are assigned by two different assignors. Be sure to know which assignor you have entered and that you keep track of your pin numbers for the two assignors!
INPUT GAME REPORT: referees click on the link Game Report to input game report
If you get a message that says, email not in the system, or “Log in not correct,” do not reregister. The administrator has to activate a referee the first time they go into the system to report a game score. Until the activation is done, you will get a “log in not correct” message. We try to stay on top of it to keep track and activate all new referees, but sometimes we miss and it might take half a day to catch up. You can always send the administrator a reminder note to activate your referee account if you are unable to go in and report a score.
Referee Game Day Procedures and Q&A for the Online Referee Game Reporting System: Click on Procedures 
Reporting Match Score
1.       Log in at www.cjysa.org/gamereport/ (or go to www.cjysa.org and click on Referee Information, Assignors & Referee LOG IN from the left menu – and be directed to the Game Report Link).
2.       When welcomed, first thing to do is be sure you are in the correct season – for U9-U14, it is CJYSA/USCL FALL 2010 or SPRING 2011; EDP games are ONLY for a small group of U13 & U14 boys teams; Single Season 2010-2011 U15-U19 for U15 and older teams; and KATS is for U7 & U8 teams.
3.       Add the game number – which is the GAME CODE from the electronic game report given to you from the team (upper left corner). If they did not give you an electronic game report, or you cannot find it, then referees can check the game numbers from the team contacts page (at the top of the page-schedules/fields/club reps/team contacts), go to the age group, then click on the name of your home team. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click show schedule. You will see the ALL the games listed (USCL and CJYSA). On the far left, in light gray, are the game numbers.
4.       You will get confirmation of the game once the match is entered, and to the right, it asks if you were the referee for the match – click the YES-CONTINUE, and you continue on to report the score and all the match details.