and game lengths by age group
Game durations and the MAPS/MSSL referee fees will be the following for each Division. If the duration is longer for the division, the duration will be the overriding factor. Also, if the referee fee in the area is higher than the game card, the higher fee is paid. Each team pays one half of the referee fee. There is no overtime for League play.
Div 1 & 2 = U15-U19, 90 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $90 for center and $45 for each ARs)
Div 3 = U13-U14, 80 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $80 for center and $40 for each ARs)
Div 4 = U11-U12, 70 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $70 for center and $35 for each ARs)
Div 5 = U9-U10, 60 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $60 for center and $30 for each ARs)
Div 6 = U8-U7, 50 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $50 for center and $25 for each ARs)

For example, your U17 game has a single center referee, the center ref is paid $90 (at U17), split between both teams. If there is a 3 person referee crew, the fee is $180 ($90 for the center, and $45 each lines person), which is split between both teams. At no time will 2 man ref system be used as in high school. If a 3rd referee does not show, a volunteer will run the sideline as a third. The volunteer is not paid. In that case, the center referee is paid, and the one certified lines person is paid; and the total cost is split between both teams.


PASSES - Rule is "No Pass, No Play"

This applies to all players and coaches of a given team. Additionally, one team cannot present US Club and the other USYSA. This applies to both CJYSA and USCL matches. Any team that attempts to present US Club passes and roster at a CJYSA league game to the referee will be sanctioned $500 by the league.
Teams are expected to shake hands at the end of the game with the referee observing the teams.
Teams cannot mix its passes amongst the team.  Additionally BOTH teams MUST present the same governing body passes – USYSA (NJYS, EPYSA, DYSA, ENYYSA) for CJYSA league matches or US Club for USCL league matches.


Referees do not send in game reports any longer, but shall report the game scores electronically on our website. Instructions may be found: Referee Instructions for Logging In & Reporting Scores
Only if a player pass is held and the league needs to be notified of disciplinary action shall the report with pass be sent to the league.
Send to: MAPS/MSSL
8 Cornwall Ct
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
If a game is cancelled due to weather, the home team MUST notify the opposing team no less than 3 hours prior to the match-or at the earliest possible time (if game is at 8 AM, we do not expect a call to the opposing team at 5 AM, but certainly by 6 AM) being 6-7 AM.  In addition, the HOME TEAM or club field/referee assignor MUST contact the REFEREE ASSIGNOR to let the assignor know for contacting the referees.  Referees are NOT PAID in this case.
If, upon arriving at a field for a game, the referee determines the field is unsafe/unplayable, the teams WILL pay the referee(s) their fee. The referees do not remain at the field. The referees are only paid for the game in which they arrived and cancelled the game.
However, it is the responsibility of the home team to notify the next team on the field that the field has been deemed unplayable.