League Looking for Age Group Coordinators
Age Group Coordinator - Job Description

The MSSL league offers an “open architecture” structure that is supported by an administrator who handles registration, scheduling and monitoring. We are re-instituting the Age Group Coordinator positions to monitor each age group and make adjustments as necessary. The age group coordinator responsibilities include:

·       Maintain regular contact with teams in the assigned age group to monitor/anticipate developments and opportunities. 
·        Coordinate with teams outside the league to create playing opportunities, with the expectation that favorable exposure will attract desirable teams to the league.
·       Work in coordination with the League Administrator to establish flights. This role will become increasing important as we migrate to a system of promotion and relegation.
·       Develop and maintain a set of guidelines for promotion and relegation. This includes monitoring team play over the course of the year to support decision-making.
·       Provide information as needed to the Disciplinary Committee contact (Head Referee Assignor). The coordinator is encouraged to monitor minor issues throughout the year and take corrective action where advisable. When matters rise above the level of moderate concern, refer the matter to the league Head Referee Assignor.
·       Attend a semi-annual league Coordinators Meeting with the League President, Administrator and Referee Assignor.
Overall the age group coordinator is expected to demonstrate leadership and integrity to assure the teams in the league that we are providing a “level playing field” , investigating opportunities and addressing issues promptly and professionally.