EDP 2011 - 2012 Applications Being Accepted
(Note: Boys U13-U14 application process is now CLOSED)


The Eastern Development Program MSSL flights expand to U15 - U17 Boys & Girls Age Groups. Apply today!



The MSSL EDP Flights offer teams the following:

  • Highly competitive matches while limiting travel

  • “Best Practices” for required games in each flight. Teams have the opportunity to customize their schedule beyond the core games with additional friendly games and occasional tournaments and showcases type events.

  • Responsive management team directed board of coaches committed to a grass roots approach that puts “Football First”.

  • Selected Festivals, showcases and tournaments to showcase the players to present the leagues talent to college coaches and top talent evaluators in the US.

  • College Placement of players seen as the top priority.

  • International coaches to offer extraordinary summer camp. Additionally 18 players will be selected at MAPS Cup and Summer Camp to be invited for training and games at respected UK professional youth clubs Spring 2012

The EDP MSSL flights are being judiciously expanded to better allow for geographic continuity, and to create the possibilities for promotion and relegation that prevents “staleness” from setting in over time.

EDP teams will be allocated to geographic groupings to limit travel, utilizing tournaments and showcases to provide opportunities for inter-group play. There will also be room in the schedule for teams to arrange friendlies against more distant teams if they so prefer.

Fall 2011 EDP flights will offer two levels of play, with a top level dedicated to the most competitive teams chosen strictly on the basis of merit, and a second level for relatively competitive teams aspiring to the highest level.

To showcase teams’ talent at a single venue, teams in EDP flights will participate in the MAPS cup held in late June as each year’s seasons finale.


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**Girls application deadline extended

U15 and older application deadline extended until September 15th

Contact for Additional Details;


Bohdan Portyko - President

Tim Summiel - Executive Director

Board Of Directors

Greg Ramos - Lehigh Valley United FC

Oliver Reid - Beachside SC

Roberto Aguas - FC COPA

William Armstrong - Manhattan SC

Mark Heffernan - New York SC

Debra Keates - Downtown United SC

2 Step Application Process




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